How to fill out the ATF Form 1




Go to

a. Create a login 
Click on Form1  

Fill out with all your personal information 
a. After choosing either individual or trust (if you have a trust) make sure to check the “Tax Paid” ( you will pay at the end) 
b. PRO TIP: click on the “No FFL” box and make sure that you answer N/A to the question 13.D.2. If that applies to you.  

Make sure you upload a “passport style” photo (plain white background, head on, if it looks like a bad mugshot it’s a good photo) 
a. PRO TIP: make sure to press TAB instead of scrolling over to the next field. Do not worry about UPIN 
Go to google and find your local chief of police and fill out their info  

Now the fun part, click on add firearm to add the information you want on your solvent trap. 
a. PRO TIP: make sure your S/N has at least 1 number and no spaces
b. PRO TIP: YOU are the manufacturer and make sure you verify yourself as the manufacturer. 
c. On the next popup choose “silencer” and use the below template as an example. As you see you can have fun with it.
d. Click finish

Sign, submit, and pay